A Letter from Jerry Jenkins

April 21, 2006

Dear Friends and Loved Ones:

Before I ever met Frank Muller, I was a fan. A
friend had turned me on to Frank as an audio
reader of great books, and the first time I
listened to his work, I was hooked. I used to
rent or buy audio books by authors I hadn't
heard of and on subjects I wouldn’t have
otherwise cared about only because Frank
had done the audio narration. He was that good.
Anyone in the audio book industry would tell you,
Frank set the standard; he was the best of the
best. Long before Left Behind,  I recall wondering
aloud with Dianna what it might cost to have Frank
Muller read even a chapter of one of my books on
tape, just so I could hear it.

When Tyndale House decided to put Left Behind on tape, I pleaded with them to let me find Frank Muller and see if he would do it.
By then he was reading all the bestsellers, and there was no way he would have been aware of me or Left Behind. I called the
companies he worked for, left messages, and hoped for the best.

One day he called. I recognized his voice immediately, of course, and despite having done lots of books with household-name
celebrities and knowing better, I gushed like a fan. “Oh, Mr. Muller, I listen to everything you read, etc., etc., etc.” Well, he was way
out of the price range for the fledgling first title in our series, so I talked Dr. LaHaye into our sharing the cost with Tyndale, and Frank
agreed to do it. He even invited me to his home in LA to sit in on the recording session. It was one of those rare treats of a lifetime. I
was in heaven. He was fantastic.

When our son Dallas moved to LA a few years later, Frank and his wife Erika took him in for several days before his apartment was
ready, and when Dallas’s new bride joined him, they and the Mullers became friends.

Though Frank is roughly my age, he and Erika didn’t start their family until Dianna and I were becoming grandparents, so they
have very young kids. We all enjoyed seeing these precious kids join the family.

Many have praised Frank’s work on the Left Behind books and wondered why we suddenly changed readers a little more than half
way through the series. Now you know why.

Jerry J.
Jerry's Books
Narrated by Frank

Twas the Night Before
Hometown Legend
Left Behind
Soul Harvest
The Indwelling
The Mark
The Tribulation Force
The Mark - unabridged
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