Erika Muller
To my sister Erika

These words are said daily from one to another but rarely in our lives are we
allowed the privilege of witnessing these words in action the way we have with
Frank & Erika. My sister Erika has astounded us all by her incredible living proof
that our world still holds individuals who believe and live by the words she spoke
when she married my brother.

Every time she held his hand, stroked his brow, lay beside him, gave her heart, she
showed us all what it is to truly love another.

Every time she put on his socks and shoes, washed his hair, cut his toenails, she
showed us all what it is to truly commit to another.

Every time she called the doctor, drove to see him, spoke with his caregivers,
fought for his meds, she showed us all what it is to honor another.

Every time she played his favorite music, his favorite movie, read his favorite
books, she showed us all what it is to be devoted to another.

And as the breath of life left him and his spirit flooded us all, she held him and
wept for his physical parting. Til death do us part – their hearts will always be

My brother was a wonderful human being and he deserves all the honor and
acclaim he has received, but the hero in this story is his funny, sarcastic, crazy,
ridiculous, stunning, mischievous, beautiful wife. I strive to have her heart and I
am so proud to call her my sister.

Erika, I love you.

Tanny Muller


‘til Death do us Part