...We just noticed with a thrill that there's a book narrated by Frank
that we haven't listened to yet. The Laurie R King book. Thank you
for all the happy hours you've given us. Bonny and Paul

Your voice got me hooked on audio books
nearly 8 years ago.  It started with the John
Grisham novels.  I cannot read to myself as
good as you have.  You have opened up a
new world of literature to me.  I used to
read maybe 3 books a year, now I
read/listen to about 30!  If you never
produce another reading, you have left a
literary legacy.  Congratulations, and I hope
for continued recovery and success for you.


...We are friends and associates
of Jerry B. Jenkins. We heard
about Frank's tragedy through a
note from Jerry. We stand with
you in prayer and we have made
a financial donation, as well.
May the God who gives endurance
and encouragement give you a
spirit of unity among yourselves as
you follow Christ Jesus (Romans
15:5). Karen and Charles

....I am in the middle of The Brethren
unabridged CD (for the umpteenth time)
and I decided to google your name to see
what you looked like.  I just learned of
your serious accident.  I am sending a
contribution to you along with my
prayers.  May God bless you and your
family in your time of need.  You have
brought so much joy to the world.  Your
reading of The Testament is my all time
favorite audio book. In your voice, I
hear a core of strength that I pray will
sustain you as you recover. - Gita

....I was very saddened when I heard about the extent Mr. Muller’s injury and
rehabilitation. I will send financial support, and also my prayers. Mr. Muller presence in
my life through his voice and artistry sustained me during serious illness and
convalescence and I would like to thank him. - Sheila
...I am re-listening to the Dark Tower books (currently the Waste Lands) and I learned of your family's
current need. I am sending a donation to NTAF in honor of your family. It is only $300 and I wish I could
spare more, but I know how things can add up, good and bad, so I hope this helps. I am not rich, but I do
well enough to spare a few hundred for the family of someone who has brought me immense enjoyment.
Frank is the voice of the Gunslinger and it is his voice that resonates for me. God bless! Lynn

Notes from Fans
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....Frank's voice has cheered me through my own dark times. I've listened to many of his narrations - my favorite is The Testament (Grisham). His voicing of the many
characters is unmatched.  No matter what the book, I knew that a Frank Muller reading would make it a treat for the ear and mind.  I'm in my late years now, unable to
give much, but want you to know that I am sending a check to NTAF now.  I wish you all the strength that Frank's voice gave me during my own health problems.

Gratefully yours,
From the Family of Frank Muller:

To those of you who made financial contributions, thank you so much for making the commitment to aid him in
his time of need. You will never know the difference your contributions, single or recurring, made to his daily life
and our peace of mind with regard to the financial side of the tremendous challenge faced during Frank's final
years. Because of your financial contributions, all medical expenses were covered. We are so very grateful.

To those of you who sent notes of encouragement and messages to Frank to tell him how his life or work made a
difference to you in your life, we thank you. They meant so much to him and to all of us. Please read below for a
collection of those messages of hope and encouragement. (more to come soon)

Frank & Erika Muller - Hillsborough, NC
Leo & Marlene Muller - Seattle, WA
Walter & Cammie Muller - Gadsden, AL
Henry Muller - Winston-Salem, NC
Tanny Muller - Raleigh, NC

....From the first time I heard you, Frank, on audio books, I was hooked.  Now I don’t buy by book title, I buy by the reader, who of course has to be
Frank Muller.  One of my favorites is “The Green Mile”.  There are several others which I own and listen to often.  I also like the other Stephen King
books that you read. I’ll be waiting for the next book you are able to read – no matter what it is – even the Sears Catalog would sound good with you
reading it. Love and Prayers, - Karon
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Messages of Hope and Encouragement from Frank's Amazing Fans and Contributors
,,,,I just wanted to take this opportunity to say hello although you don't know me. I
have enjoyed so many wonderful recorded books that you read, Frank, that I feel as
though we are friends. I so appreciate your gifts of mind, voice and heart. I cannot
imagine how difficult the last few years have been for you and your family but I send
my prayers and best wishes so that you may all find both peace and joy despite the
hardships. Please be assured that you and your family are not alone. Many positive
thoughts and lots of good energy are directed your way. May you rejoice in your
children and in the love of all of those around you! With all best wishes and sincere
concern, Mary
..... I will continue to pray for improvement
for you all.  Frank’s voice filled many hours
for me ....Keep on keeping on.  I wish each
of you well.


...I wanted to let you know that you and your children remain in
my thoughts and prayers.  For 12 years, I have had a very
difficult commute to work.  My way of staying sane each day has
been to always have an audio book on hand. Frank's style and
talent for narrative have brought so many stories alive for me….
what a gift - even when you are not currently reading, your
legacy continues to touch others all over the country (and
perhaps, all over the world)!Take care and may God hold you all
close. Cindy
…My heart and prayers
go out to all of you. A
great talent was silenced.
It is hard to understand
the workings of the
Universe sometimes, but
faith is eternal. God bless
your family. Linda
Dearest Muller Family. My name is Tali Sarnetzky, a blind woman from Israel. I have enjoyed
your dear Frank's work for many years. His excellent narration brought a great joy to my heart
and to many other blind people who use recorded books! I was terribly sad to hear the news of
Frank's accident. I am no stranger to the horrible toll a head injury takes on a family, since my
mom had a brain tumor two years ago and is still in a wheelchair and is a totally different person
from the one she used to be. I want to strengthen your hands and send you big hugs of
encouragement. I am sure your love and support makes all the difference in the world of Frank's
life, even if at times you can't be sure of that. Please, remain strong! You are in my prayers!!!  
With love, Tali
...I have to assume there are many others such as myself who believe that Franks narration is unequaled.
I owe Frank for many, many hours of enjoyment. He has painted novels in my mind that are far superior
to any movie I have ever seen. Now that I am aware of Frank’s full catalogue of readings, I plan to
slowly savor every one of them, again and again. With my best wishes to your family, Martin
…This month I listened with amazement and grief to "Beach Music" by Pat Conroy. Frank was able to perform a separate
compound accent for every character in that book, and used a different inflection of emotion or reaction for every word that
each of those characters spoke. It was the most astounding voice performance that I have ever heard. Your brother Frank was
brilliant, and must have had an eidetic, usually called "photographic", memory, especially for voices. And of course that great
gift was exactly the one taken away by his accident. I also listened to "Harts War" and "the Horse Whisperer" this month, and
cried like a baby. I couldn't decide whether my grief was for characters in the books or for Frank. I feel a great sense of loss for
your brother. It is a selfish loss. I know that. Only the smiling picture of Frank sitting in his wheelchair and surrounded by his
family gives me any hope that he can take any pleasure out of what life is left to him.     Good Luck,     Carolyn
...Mr. Muller is among my
favorite audio book narrators.
I am currently working as a
student intern for Recording
For The Blind And Dyslexic of
Metropolitan Washington, and
I think of Mr. Muller each time
I practice narrating. Brian
…I hope you are
recovering nicely
from your accident!
I have so much
appreciated your
performances on
audio books. A
Tale of Two Cities,
The Old Man and
the Sea and others.
Thank you, and
best wishes. Stan
…At this moment I
have the very great
privilege of listening to
the recorded book "Gold
Coast" by Elmore
Leonard and performed
by you. I listen to more
than 250 recorded
books, from the library,
each year.  George
Guidall, Mark Hammer,
Richard Ferrone and
you are my favourites!
I'm going to miss your
narrations very much.
Very best wishes. Mike
Thank you Frank, for your years of creativity (i remember that McDonalds commercial
from childhood) and for sharing your incredible ability to bring life and new magic to so
many great stories. All my best to you & your family! - E. Bernardo
Please Support Frank! He deserves it for the
hours of joy he he has given countless
listeners of Audio Books. Good Luck Frank –

…There is something so special
about listening to a book
narrated by Frank Muller.  I buy
any book recorded by him more
to listen to the sound of his
voice that the content of the
book.  My prayers are with
Frank and his family.  I think of
him often - especially when
listening or re-listening to one
of his recordings. - Linda
…I am a huge Frank Muller fan. I would often buy an audio book just because I
knew Frank was reading it. My first one was “Interview with a Vampire” . . .
where Frank wasn't just reading the part, he became Lestat. I continue to look for
more books that he has read. I am a musician from NY, and when I read Stephen
Kings’ dedication to Frank "This book is for Frank Muller, who hears the voices in
my head," it inspired me to write a song about it . . . Anyway, I just wanted to let
you know how much his voice meant to me and I look forward to hearing as many
of his books as I can. - Mike
…I'm just a simple truck driver , with an 18-
wheeler full of 1st class/priority mail ,
driving  four days a week ( while listening
to the incomparable voice of Frank Muller)
between Fredericksburg , Va. and Burlington
, N.C. ... His talent has very likely helped to
keep me from going "postal" during the
104,000 miles I travel each year over the
same roads...... May God bless the entire
family. I pray for you all each time I pray
for my own loved ones..... Frank