When we learned that the remaining funds available for Frank’s care would
be insufficient to cover his ongoing medical expenses, we realized that this
seriously threatened his living situation at LSNI. We knew that this outcome
would take Frank away from his wife and young children, who had recently
moved to a house just up the street from LSNI, allowing for daily visits
home. This small change had resulted in significant positive changes for
Frank and is rarely possible in cases like his.

Upon discovering this, we began a search for a facility that would be able to
continue to meet Frank's needs and still allow the close family ties with his
wife and children. Ultimately frank was moved to a nursing facility in
Durham, NC, near Duke University Hospital. With a different funding
structure, this facility allowed the family to decrease the fund raising goal to
a more manageable level. Erika and the children  moved nearby and
continued to be involved with Frank daily.

The costs of Frank’s care continued  to be extremely high, and required
ongoing financial support from many sources. To assist with this immense
financial burden, a  fund-raising campaign was initiated for Frank through
the Catastrophic Injury Program of the National Transplant Assistance Fund
(NTAF). The NTAF provides both tax-deductibility and fiscal accountability
to contributors. They are a highly regarded nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable
organization which has been providing fund-raising assistance services since
1983. They were referred to us by the Christopher Reeve Foundation. For
more information about NTAF, go to

For the next 6 1/2 years, Frank waged the fight of his life against his injuries
along with his dynamic wife Erika and their magical children, Diana and
Morgan. Sadly, Frank passed away on June 4, 2008. We will miss him

Note: Due to the financial commitments made from combined events and
individuals, all of Frank's medical expenses were covered. We are so very  

The Muller Family

Erika and the children, Diana and Morgan - Hillsborough, NC
Leo & Marlene Muller - Seattle, WA
Walter & Cammie Muller - Gadsden, AL
Henry Muller - Winston-Salem, NC
Tanny Muller - Raleigh, NC        
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Still mugging for the camera!
The Fight of his Life
Frank, Erika,
Diana, and
Morgan Muller

The Benefit held for Frank took place in
NYC in February of 2002 was hosted by
Stephen King, John Grisham, Pat
Conroy, and Peter Straub.
As most of you have already heard, on November 5,
2001, Frank was about to leave on a week-long
motorcycle trip with a close relative, when his wife
Erika surprised him with the news that she was
expecting their second child. They celebrated together
at this exciting prospect, and off he went on his trip.

Two hours later, Frank lost control of his motorcycle
on the freeway when he accidentally clipped a
construction barrel and was sent skidding into a median
barrier at about 65 miles per hour. Frank flew off the
bike, landing on his head on the concrete. He sustained
multiple fractures, lacerations and abrasions, and went
into cardiac arrest three times. He also suffered severe
head trauma, which was subsequently diagnosed as
Diffuse Axonal Injury. He beat all odds and survived.

After two years in a rehabilitation center in Los Angeles,
Frank, his wife Erika, his daughter, Diana, and his son,
Morgan moved to Creedmoor, North Carolina where
Frank was made a resident of Learning Services
Neurobehavioral Institute (LSNI). Here he received 24-
hour assisted care. As one of the few facilities in the
country specifically geared towards the long term care
and continuing rehabilitation of brain injured individuals,
LSNI became our port in a storm.

The staff and management welcomed Frank with open
arms. They created a highly supportive environment
promoting progress and growth for him. They also
welcomed and engaged Frank’s family in his daily life.
A corner room in the residence was set aside as a
special place where they were able to enjoy quality time
together as a family.
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If interested, in lieu of gifts and flowers, please send donations in
honor and remembrance of Frank to

This organization was founded by Frank and Erika's dear friend,
Scott Swimmer, when his son was diagnosed with cancer. They do
tremendous work and we hope you will continue to support them for
years to come. Frank and Erika would be very grateful. Please click on
the title above to make your donation.